Michigan Dad Builds Playhouse

     A few weeks after posting Aunt Rachel’s pictures of the playhouse, they went viral on my ATB Building business page on Facebook.  I was so excited.  The post had millions of views.  My wife and my family had updated news about the post every 30 minutes (who am I kidding, there was a running group of texts for weeks!)  Eventually, the hype died down and life went back to normal for a while.  Then out of the blue, ABC news picked up the story of the playhouse.  A few places ran it and then, BANG!  It was published everywhere -  People Magazine, Today Show, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Good Morning America, etc.  Even international media outlets, such as Huff Post France, LADBible in the UK , VNExpress in Vietnam, and others, did stories about the playhouse.   It was completely overwhelming and crazy.  It got me thinking, “If so many people like the girls’ playhouse, why not build them for others, too?”

     Spoiled Rotten Homes Inc. was born.  You could say it happened in an instant of fame, or you could say it was built through decades of building a business from the ground up, or having the life changing moment of holding the girls in the delivery room.  The playhouse has been a central point in our family.  It is where we eat meals, where we have birthday parties, and where Jenny teaches the girls letters.  We don’t allow technology in the playhouse.  It’s an imagination zone only. 

     You don’t need a playhouse to love your family, but let’s face it, a big playhouse is really freaking cool.