Beau's Fishing Shack Playhouse

I just finished my first official Spoiled Rotten Homes project – an indoor play scape – for little Beau.  As I’ve gone through the process of starting this business, there have been a lot of ups and a few downs, but I realized something very special as I went through this first experience with a family outside of my own.  There is pure joy in this that is unparalleled to doing residential remodeling. 

I was at Beau’s house multiple times to build his “Fishin Shak.”  Each time I got there, he ran up to the door, super excited, and told me about his day and how much he loved the playhouse.  He’s only 2 years old (so he can be a little hard to understand) but the joy and excitement he showed spoke louder than his words.  As we continued our work and the structure took shape, the smile never left his face and his excitement was contagious to all of us.  The crew, his mother, his brother – we all felt his excitement and shared in his enthusiasm.  It was such a rewarding feeling.

I think the highlight for Beau came after the electrician installed the light switch inside the playhouse.  He turned the switch on and off approximately 53 times, giggling with each flip and telling us how awesome it was!     

My motivation to start Spoiled Rotten Homes was obviously for my daughters.  I saw how the girls' playhouse encouraged family time and saw the joy on their faces as they played.  I wanted to bring that to other families, as well.  In the few days that I was at Beau’s house, I watched his brothers, mother, and his grandmother (who painted the awesome tree mural on the wall and signed it “Love Grandma”) experience that same family togetherness that was so special to me and my family.  It was pretty amazing.    

I was always taught it’s more rewarding to give than to receive.  Based on what I witnessed at Beau’s house and the expressions on everyone’s faces as he played in his new playhouse, I can attest that is true.

Maybe I got lucky having such an amazing family as my first Spoiled Rotten Homes customer.  Or maybe this is a glimpse of what’s to come when we build playhouses for others in the future.  Either way, I’m really looking forward to the next Spoiled Rotten Homes project!



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