Bungalow with deck

bungalow w deck.png


·      16’ wide, 12’ deep, 16’ x 8’ of living space

·      Wood T1-11 siding - *Please note, the picture above shows upgraded horizontal lap siding.  Standard siding is T1-11 vertical.  

·      Operating glass windows

·      3-dimensional shingles

·      Wood trim around windows, door, and fascia

·       2x4 framing with 2x6 treated floor joist system

·      ¾ inch plywood sub-floor

·      Treated handrail

·      Standard height door

·      5/4 treated decking for porch


·     $10,500 for labor and material, swing set option can be added at additional cost

·     Price for playhouses does not include taxes and shipping

·     Shipping cost varies based on location

Additional Options

-Swing set

   -$500 for structural beam setup 

   -Cost of implements determined by customer

   -Gorilla Playset options can be found on https://www.spoiledrottenhomes.com/about-us/


   -Walls - $768

   -Ceiling and Floor - $384

·     Disclaimer: insulation on floor will not be protected from rodents and other wildlife than can use insulation to make nests or cause other damage. Protection from this can be installed at an additional price.  

-Off-the grid electrical 

   -Low voltage electrical powered by solar panel - $5000

-Vinyl sheet flooring - $768

-Vinyl Siding - $2500

-Interior trim - $100 per window and door

-Paint – $1536 for labor and cost of paint

-½ Inch birch plywood interior finish – $1700

Disclaimer: if playhouse is being shipped, we recommend all painting be done at final location to prevent shipping damage. 

We take great pride in the structural integrity and uniqueness of our playhouses.  All of our models are built just like a real house – full scale, 8-foot ceilings, and can be re-purposed into a guest house, she-shed, or man-cave when the kids are all grown up and moved out!  Our playhouses stand the test of time!