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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

There’s nothing quite like the serenity of your outdoor space. But, unpredictable weather can often damage an improperly built deck. At Spoiled Rotten Homes, we introduce you to the best of both worlds with our roofed decks and ceilings. Experience the bliss of the outdoors, come rain or shine.

Why Opt for a Roofed Deck?

  • Weather-Proof Leisure: Whether it’s a summer drizzle or a bright sun, a roofed deck ensures you can enjoy your outdoor space any day, any time.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Our designs aren’t just functional. They’re crafted to be visually stunning, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.
  • Increased Property Value: A well-designed roofed deck not only provides shelter but also significantly boosts the value of your property.
  • Year-Round Entertainment: Host BBQs, parties, or simply relax with a book. With a roofed deck, the seasons can’t dictate your plans.
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The Art of Personalization

In the world of home design, understanding the distinct character of every house and homeowner is essential. No two homes are the same, and neither are the visions of those residing within. At Spoiled Rotten Homes, we embrace this individuality by offering meticulously tailored designs for roofed decks and ceilings.

Your Style, Our Expertise

Your home deserves a deck that mirrors its character and your dreams. Whether it’s the whimsy of Bohemian vibes or the sophistication of modern design, Spoiled Rotten Homes is here to bring your vision to life. Enrich your living space, enhance your moments, and let’s co-create a masterpiece tailored just for you.

Personalizing Every Deck Design

Bohemian Bliss

  • Imagine a deck inspired by Bohemian aesthetics.
  • Features like hanging planters to add a touch of nature.
  • Soft, ambient lighting that sets a relaxed, intimate mood.

Modern Marvel

  • For those seeking a contemporary touch.
  • Clean lines, minimalistic design, and high-quality materials.
  • Panoramic views of your garden, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors.
A Roofed Deck with timber posts and beams, with modern railings of wood and cable.

Our Pledge to Homeowners

Tailored to Taste

  • Every homeowner has a unique vision and style.
  • We ensure every design aspect resonates with your personal aesthetic.

More Than an Addition

  • Our decks aren’t mere extensions; they amplify your home’s essence.
  • Careful consideration in design, ensuring it complements and elevates your existing space.

Transformative Experience

  • Turn abstract ideas into concrete realities.
  • Experience a seamless transition from imagination to implementation.

Understanding Uniqueness

  • Every home has its distinct character.
  • Individual homeowners have specific visions and aspirations.
  • Our approach: Recognize and embrace this individuality.

Why Customization is Essential

Personal Reflection

A home should echo the homeowner's taste and lifestyle.

Architectural Harmony

Custom designs maintain and enhance your home's existing architectural essence.

Space Optimization

Unique spaces require unique solutions, ensuring every inch is utilized.

Increased Satisfaction

A tailored deck means it's uniquely yours, enhancing pride and contentment.

Our Custom Design Journey

Dialogue First

  • Initial consultation with homeowners.
  • Understand ideas, desires, and practical needs.
The Spoiled Rotten Homes Crew

Hands-On Assessment

Our crew installing tongue and groove on deck ceiling
  • Expert site visits.
  • Gauge space potential and structural considerations.


  • Drafting design mock-ups.
  • Providing tangible visions and multiple choices.
Wrap-around Roofed Deck construction by Spoiled Rotten Homes

Collaborative Refinement

A finished and Lit Roofed Deck by Spoiled Rotten Homes
  • Iterative design process based on feedback.
  • Ensuring alignment with homeowner vision.

Final Blueprint

  • Comprehensive design layout.
  • Detailed outlines from materials to dimensions.
Roofed decks and ceilings finished by Spoiled Rotten Homes

The Bottom Line

With Spoiled Rotten Homes, customization isn’t an afterthought; it’s the very essence of our design philosophy. Experience a design journey that’s as unique as your home, leading to a roofed deck that’s crafted exclusively for you.

Ventilation & Insulation
for Roofed Decks & Ceilings

Balancing Comfort with Design

  • Ventilation and insulation are paramount to creating a comfortable outdoor space, regardless of the season.
  • At Spoiled Rotten Homes, we integrate these functional elements seamlessly, without compromising on aesthetics.

The Importance of Ventilation

  • Breathe Easy: Proper ventilation ensures a continuous flow of fresh air, eliminating any feeling of stuffiness.
  • Temperature Regulation: On warm days, ventilation helps reduce heat build-up, maintaining a cooler deck environment.
  • Odor & Moisture Control: Good airflow prevents moisture accumulation and associated issues like mold and mildew. It also ensures any cooking or smoke odors disperse quickly.

Insulation Essentials

  • Warmth Retention: Effective insulation traps warmth during colder days, making your deck a cozy space even in chilly weather.
  • Energy Efficiency: With insulation, any heating solutions you use on your deck become more effective and energy-efficient.
  • Noise Reduction: Insulation acts as a barrier, dampening external noises and ensuring your deck remains a peaceful retreat.

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Our Approach


Study the location and orientation of the deck. Understand local climate patterns and typical temperature fluctuations.

Material Selection

Choose insulating materials that offer optimal performance while aligning with the deck's design theme.

Ventilation Planning

Position vents strategically to ensure optimal airflow. Consider additional solutions like fans or automated ventilation systems, if necessary.

Insulation Integration

Implement insulation without altering the aesthetic appeal of the deck. Ensure longevity and durability against external elements.

A well-ventilated and insulated roofed deck is about more than just comfort; it’s about creating a space that’s inviting and functional throughout the year. Spoiled Rotten Homes guarantees designs that adapt to nature’s whims, ensuring you enjoy your outdoor moments to the fullest.

Complete Integration for Roofed Decks & Ceilings

Harmonizing New with Existing

  • The key to a successful roofed deck isn’t just the structure itself but how it melds with your existing home.
  • At Spoiled Rotten Homes, we prioritize a blend that appears both natural and intentional.

Benefits of Complete Integration

Unified Aesthetic

The deck should feel like a natural extension, not an afterthought. A cohesive look enhances the overall visual appeal of the home.

Structural Integrity

Proper integration ensures the deck's stability and safety. It leverages the strength of the existing structure while adding to it.

Optimal Functionality

Ensures entrances, exits, and pathways between the home and deck are logical and convenient. Enhances the usability of both the home and the deck.

Value Addition

A well-integrated deck elevates the property's market value. Offers a better return on investment for homeowners.

Our Integration Process

Thorough Assessment

Examine the home’s current layout, foundation, and architectural style. Identify potential integration points and challenges.

Design Drafting

Create designs that bridge the old with the new harmoniously. Ensure every aspect, from material choice to color palette, aligns with the existing home.

Construction Care

Employ techniques that protect the home's integrity during the integration process. Ensure minimal disruption to the daily life of residents.

Final Touches

Fine-tune details like connecting pathways, lighting, and landscaping. Make the transition between spaces feel effortless and intuitive.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

We are humbled by the positive feedback we receive from our clients. These testimonials not only affirm our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction but also inspire us to continuously raise the bar.

I have been in the trades my entire life, Adam is simply the best contractor I have worked with in 25 years, he is genuine and likeable and his word is gold. We love our home ATB thank you!!!

Adam built me a beautiful deck in a matter of days, and I could not be happier. Ready to call him to build one at my new house.

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